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The Magnum:  A 7' 0" extra heavy jig rod originally designed for jig fishing and worm fishing is quickly becomming a favorite among frog fishermen.  The Magnum, which is ideal for throwing jigs and Texas rig worms into heavy cover and grass, has proven itself as a near perfect frog rod.  Frog fisherman have learned that the action of this rod is ideal for throwing those frogs over heavy cover and capable of pulling those hogs out.  Our Pro-Staffers using the Magnum have nicknamed it the "Toad Rod", "Toad Stick" and "Frog Rod".  This rod can also be used as a Texas rig rod, swimbait rod or a shorter Carolina rig rod.  No matter what you are looking for, a jig rod, Texas rig rod, frog rod, toad Stick, swimbait rod or a Carolina rig rod the Magnum is the rod for you. 



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Custom Angle Rods begins with a highly sensitive graphite rod blank. Add to that the unique Reverse Wrap and you have one of the most sensitive fishing tools on the market today. The Reverse Wrap essentially places the guides in such a manner to bring the line from the top of the rod to the bottom, much the same as with spinning rods.

The Reverse Wrap effectively reduces the dampening effect which the guides on a conventionally wrapped rod will produce. This causes more vibrations to reach the rod blank at the reel seat where your hands will be able to detect even the most subtle bite.


  • Serious depletion of fish population in your local ponds, rivers and lakes.
  • Marital problems
  • Angler’s elbow
  • Jigginitis
  • Fish-a-lot syndrom
  • Also can become very habit forming

    Made in the U.S.A
    Please Practice Catch and Release







Custom Angle Rods provides a complete line of spinning rods designed for the bass fisherman. These rods meet the needs of those who prefer open face spinning reels. All models offered for bait casting are available in spinning. We also offer a complete line of superior ultra-lite spinning rods for those who love light line fishing. All of our spinning rods are equipped with rugged titanium oxide guides and feature one of the most ergonomically designed reel seats available. Comfort Plus!